In the midst of my troubles You were there. In the midst of chaos You rescued me. It is because of Your unfailing love that You have restored my sanity. I tried to search for joy in riches and pride but I found myself empty. I am like a wanderer in the desert without You. Always searching but never finding. Always travelling but never reaching.
. .
I was crushed in spirit. I was reduced to dust. You brought me to tears. You have made me surrender to Your love. I praise You in the middle of the storm. I praise You in all that You have made me go through. You break those whom You love like a million times. Now I realize. Truly in You alone is life.
. .
Now I have deep peace because You have filled me. You have opened my eyes by the power of Your truth. You have fired me up with determination. You light me up with hope. Even though I am unworthy, You never forsook me. I put my trust in You. To be with You is a dream of dreams. I am like a little child in Your presence, happy and free. In obedience and humility You guide me with Your unspeakable wisdom and glory that is far greater than everything I have ever known. You are the Bright Morning Star.
. .
I pray Oh God that those who are searching for love may know You even the person who is reading. A true successful life is to live for Your glory. I will wait upon You Lord. Give us the strength Oh Lord to carry on. Help us make it to Your Kingdom. Make us worthy of You. I love You Lord Jesus. Set the heart of the reader free. Make us love one another. Fill us with Your unfailing love. Blessed be Your name Oh great King of kings. I pray in Your name Jesus. Amen.
❤ ❤ ❤        🙂


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